30 August 2011

Sprinkler Splashing

Today was pretty chill. I went for a morning walk and attempted a jog. I didn't jog as far as I had hoped. It has been too long since I have been in shape! Getting back at it for sure, though! Going to start going to the gym next week and until then I'm going to try to get back in shapenas much as possible outside on the walking path. Gotta look pretty in my dress in a couple weeks. :)

This evening I sat out back and watched Skyler play in the sprinkler in the nude. Haha! He had a blast. He was so excited. Here are a few pictures from tonight:

Finished the evening with macaroni and cheese, bath and bed for Booger! It has been an overall good day! Hope the same for all of you, and if it hasn't been splendid or anything close, tomorrow is a new day! Goodnight!


29 August 2011

Well, it seems that I have neglected this blog again, and for quite a while at that. Oops... I guess I will start updating you with my trip back home to Indiana. Then, I will tell you about the random other occurrences that came about the past month or so.

In July, Booger and I flew home to visit my family. It was pretty laid back. It was Skyler's first airplane ride, so that was exciting for him. He is always fascinated with aircraft of any sort. We spent time at the lake, which was also another first for him. He loved playing in the sand, and being able to walk and jump in the water on his own. We also went swimming at Nancy's. We love her. :) We also got to meet my newest niece, Delaney. Cute! Spent time with family, and hung out at the bar a couple times. It was overall pretty fun, but wish I had more time with Mom, but she had work and is on 2nd shift.

After I got back to Texas, the heat continued to worsen. Yuck. We have spent a lot of time doing a whole lot of nothing inside the air conditioned house. Skyler has started talking a bunch more. He's also learning a few signs, as I am learning myself. I hope for us both to know the whole language soon as possible. Although, at this age he is learning the word faster than the sign, I still feel it is important to learn it. It could be very useful.

Brandon finished up his softball season. They did excellent this year. They actually made it to the tournaments. The past three years has been nothing but lost games and dissapointments, so this year was a fun and energetic change.

Brandon started Airman Leadership School, and has a couple more weeks and then he will graduate from that, and we will get to dress up all fancy and be elegant and professional for a night. Haha! This also means that he passed the promotion test for Staff Seargent. That means another stripe and a significant, much needed pay raise! He's got a few months or so still before he can sew on, as we are awaiting his line number, which is 7000-something. They promoted just over 1400 this month, so if it continues at that pace or similar, he should be an official E5 by January or February. I'm very pleased with him! So very proud of his hard work, and all that studying!

Not much else has happened. Just living life. Just us three. Until next time, peace out!

06 July 2011

our fourth/fridays are for flying...

Boogie with Mommy
Boogie with Mommy and Daddy
Skyler was absolutely amazed by the fireworks. He kept saying, "oooooooh" and "what is it?" "what is that?" "look at it". =) I love his guts! For the most part we didn't really do anything extraordinary. Went grocery shopping, came home and grilled cheeseburgers and ate potato salad.  Then we met up with my best friend, her brother and her super adorable daughter.  (That's the little girl in the picture, but I'm sure you know that.) We followed each other and fought horrible traffic there and even worse traffic on the way home...I think it took us at least 45 minutes to get home if not more.  Pretty decent fireworks, but we were pretty far away from them so it would have been better up closer.  Nevertheless, Boogie had a blast and was all smiles.

I'm BOOKED! Boogie and I are flying home this Friday.  Brandon is staying behind, and we're all three going this winter for Skyler's 2nd birthday party, and he'll have a ton of leave to use by then.  My sister had her baby girl a few weeks early, but she's perfectly healthy and cute as a freaking button! No, definitely way cuter than a button. =)  I can't wait to meet her, and I'm sure Skyler is going to love her and rub her head and say, "niiiiii" (niiii=nice) lol.

Welp, that's about it.  Until next time. XOXO, Karen

27 June 2011

mainly just monday

...dishes, laundry, normal mommy duties... won't bore you with that. I'll just let you see some cute pictures from the day, and some from a couple weeks ago that I forgot were on the camera.

Just me and my sweet, sweet Skyler. =)

tiny toes =)
*you see, he's not even supposed to be playing on the stairs, but he looked really, really cute.*
That's all. Have a fantastic night!
xoxo karen

25 June 2011

Friday is for flashing back =)

Tia, I got this blog inspiration from your blog. Hope you don't mind.  I don't know if I will do it every Friday, but hey, I'm bored and can't sleep. Both of the boys are conked out, so I figured what the hecks. =)

First photograph that I found is of my Mom. I don't know much about it, other than she is really super pretty. =) I think this may have been before I was born, because she is on the beach. She lived in Florida while my Dad was stationed there and that was before my time. That's my conclusion, and I'm positive that I'm correct. HAHA. She is still beautiful by the way.

The next photograph is of me when I was a wee litto one. Probably two years old or less.  I think it looks a lot like Skyler if he were a girl. lol.  I love this one. I can't really remember this time since I was so young, but Mom has tons of home videos of me playing or what have you at this house. This was in Washington State while my Dad was still in the Air Force.  I was born a dork, that's for sure.  *And who knew big sunglasses would be cool again!? *

The last photograph is of me in junior high school.  Like mentioned above...definition of a dork. =) My favorite memories are from junior high. No doubt about it.  Still a kid, yet thought I knew it all.  Best friends.  Fun times. 

until next time, xoxo

22 June 2011

Words for Wednesday...

Mr. Jolly with his Lolli =)
Skyler, my son, I love every part of being your Mommy!  You never fail at making me smile. When I feel like giving up and giving in to self pity, I just look at your crazy butt and laugh.  You are full of so much spunk and energy.  I can't wait to see your personality really start to form.  I catch myself wondering what kind of music you will like. If you will take after Mom with rock, or Dad with hip hop and rap. You sure do show major signs of going on Dad's side.  Bobbing your head in the car to Bizzy Bone cracking the both of us up.  Child, you are so amazing, and smart, and perfect to me.

Your poor hair is finally starting to grow back, child!  Next time I promise to keep Daddy away from the trimmers. HAHA!  We had a pretty good day for Father's Day.  It was mainly pretty lazy.  

How I adore you. That is all.

14 June 2011

too hot tuesday...

UGH! It got up to 106 today, and has been above 100 for weeks now. The next weeks are looking the same. I took two showers today. I can't stand feeling hot and icky. Brandon had a softball game today, which was torture. Even Skyler was glad to get in the AC after it was over. Today we had to deal with the bank releasing our insurance check to get my suv out of the shop. Annoying. I hate dealing with important stuff like that. After driving back and forth across town two times, we finally were able to go pay the dude and pick it up. I must say, they did an excellent job. They even washed it, including sweep the interior, wipe dashboard, doors, etc off, and to top it off they shined my rims.  That made me happy. I was just thinking about how much it sucks to clean my rims earlier, too. Tomorrow, I have to figure out some Tricare stuff, for a medical bill they need to pay...if I can ever resolve that issue, I think we will be back to normal responsibilities for a while.  Ever since he has been home from deployment (since jan), things have been coming up one after another. Super annoying. 

Brandon's Chantix side affects have been pretty minimal. No nightmares. He had one dream where he was on a killing rampage, but he said he has had dreams like that before Chantix.  He gets nauseated for about 20 minutes or so after taking it.  He seems to be sane. lol

Nothing else new to report. Good night.

09 June 2011

Let's play catch-up...

So, I have totally neglected this blog. I doubt it's that big of a deal, considering I have no followers. What's up with that? Anyway, it appears the last post I made was on Mother's Day, and here it is almost Father's Day. Uh Oh! Skyler has been growing like a wildflower. He's learning a TON. Still funny as ever. His new words are Oww, Hot, and uh oh. That's all I can think of right now, but he may have said more. He has learned to walk backwards now. haha. He got a hair cut. More like a buzz. We were planning on giving him a fauxhawk, just trimming stuff up leaving the top longer.. My lovely husband decided not to put a guard on and before I could ask what he was doing he had already buzzed a nice line of hair off the top of his head. GREAT! I wanted to cry. He looks so silly. Still cute though. It's slowly starting to grow out soon, and hopefully in another week the funny looks from strangers in public will stop. He fell and busted his mouth and ripped his frenulum (not sure if I spelled that correctly or not). That happened a couple days before his well baby exam so I had them check it out. They said it looks fine and probably won't even need anything done to it, but to have it looked at by a dentist. BAD MOMMY. We haven't added him to our dental plan yet. Guess we'll be doing that pronto. Then I guess it'll be time for Skyler's first dental appointment. He still only has four teeth. Crazy little dude. It looks like another one is coming in next to his top left tooth. 

It's been really super hot around here. Above 100 for days...I've lost track...more like weeks. I'm missing family. Dad had a heart attack. He is fine now. Had to have three stents put in. Just whtat I needed to hear after Mom nearly died from one back in November. My little brother is going to graduate with his Bachelors in Criminal Justice and working on finishing up his internship at the moment with the police department. I'm so proud of him. Wish I would have done something amazing after high school. But oh well.

Partially because of the heart attacks of both of my parents, and mom literally having to be shocked back to life and airlifted and on a breathing tube and over a week in the hospital with a punctured lung from chest compressions...I am going to quit smoking. Brandon is on day three of Chantix. I am slightly hesitant to start mine...I have always had some crazy, wild, intense, surreal and vivid dreams, and trouble falling asleep and that is the most common side effect. I mean, I guess in the long run it is better to suffer through some nightmares, rather than die from heart failure.. Or Cancer. If I can't quit cold turkey, I will keep this updated as often as I can with side effects, strange behavior or what have you. I've heard a lot of funny, scary, and odd stories about Chantix users. I'm having fun watching Brandon though already. He has been sleep talking, and making out with the air in his sleep. Also, he has had gas so bad I want to burry my head and suffocate myself. Hopefully that side effect would not come to torture me...Poor Skyler. :)

Anyhoo...That's about it. Except...As long as everything falls into place and goes as it has been planned...All three of us will be coming to Indiana for a few weeks to visit this summer. Probably mid August. Not sure if we will fly or drive. Since the tornado hit Joplin we will probably fly if funds are sufficiant. We love to stop in Joplin and stay at the same hotel every time right off exit 8B. So sad. We usually go to dinner and whatnot. But anyway.. We'll get to see family again, and they will get to see Skyler and how big he is now. And lastly but certainly not least...We'll get to meet our newest niece. Don't know her name yet. She is due next month. Sorry it's been awhile. I will try to stay on top of this from now on.

08 May 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Today was my second mothers day, and I must say it has been so nice. I got to sleep in, and then booger took an awesome long nap. We went shopping and I got spoiled. Got a couple shirts, and a ton of scrapbooking stuff. Of course booger got spoiled too. We can't leave the house without him getting spoiled. He got some new Nike sandals (super cute btw), and a cheapie swimming pool. Then we all went to dinner at BDubs. I wish this day didn't have to end. I wish I could spend every day with Brandon home, too...but someone's gotta bring home the bacon. HAHA. Hope all of you moms had a great day, too!

04 May 2011

...just us

Mr. Boogerbutt ate his first poptart for breakfast this morning. I think he liked it, but he only ate about half of it. He was pretty excited about the sprinkles on top though. Haven't been up to much. I did end up finding motivation Monday afternoon and cleaned the entire house top to bottom. Unfortunately with a husband and a toddler, it's not perfect anymore. Back at it tomorrow. HAHA. Skyler is talking so much now! It seems like every day he has a new word. His new favorite is "belly button", and he lifts his shirt up and sticks his belly way out and squishes in his belly button. Cutest thing ever. Brandon's been busy at work, and finishing up his last two classes for his Associates Degree. Skyler's little girlfriend, Makenna is turning ONE in like a week, so I have been hunting online for cute birthday present ideas. I can't wait for her party. Skyler and Makenna are so funny together. Got crafty the other morning and made these...

I went out today and found some cute brown ribbon to string them all together. (It's a Happy 1st Birthday banner if you haven't figured it out.) You can't really tell since the picture is kind of bright, but the green has tiny yellow polka dots and the pink and purple square and circles have designs as well. It's my first time making something like this. I think it'll be even cuter when it's all strung together.

We went to Skyler's favorite park tonight after dinner. He really loves it. Especially the swing!

Look at those two front teeth! He now officially has 4 teeth. Two top and two bottom. No signs of anymore any time soon. He's been a late bloomer in the teeth department. He's cute though, so it's all good. Haha.

Well, I think that about concludes this posting. Not much to talk about, and don't want to bore you too much. Lol!

02 May 2011

Monday Morning

Monday usually means scrubbing toilets, mopping floors, dishes, lots of laundry, and other stuff. This morning I have been unmotivated to do any of that so far. It's the beginning of the month so I have been fighting with an online bill pay system not wanting to take payment, and arranging the budget. I need to make a grocery list. Tons of stuff I need to do. Too lazy.

I went into the ER early Sunday in the early hours of the morning. Saturday night I started getting pain in my belly button and behind it, and when I leaned down to put Skyler in his crib it was a horrible shooting pain down the middle of my stomach. Hurt so bad I had to sit down for a couple minutes. Thought I pulled a muscle and went to bed. Woke up at around 4am to go to the bathroom and almost fainted and almost puked. I woke up Brandon and made him haul us out to the ER, for what they said is a "strained muscle". They gave me a pain/nausea pill and sent me on my way. Feeling much better this morning, but still getting faint upon standing. The pain is almost all gone. It's pretty dull now. Not much has been going on around here. Need to get out of this funk and get some housework done.

We have started to notice that Skyler's hair is getting lighter. It's probably being bleached out from the sun. Brandon and his brother both had lighter hair when they were babies, and now their hair is almost black. Here's a cute little picture to make you smile. =)

26 April 2011

Two for Tuesday =)

It's still hard to believe how big he is! He loves this little tree. He learned today that the leaves actually come off if you tug on them a tad. And he thought it was absolutely hilarious that we could see each other through the gaps in the branches.
He also loooves peeping through the cracks and holes of the backyard fence. There's a nice big playground back there, and most times filled with laughing, screaming children that he likes to squeal at. =)


Today was a pretty lazy day. Had some housework that I should have done, but lying around and playing with my boogerbutt was way more fun. He's only this age once, so those clothes up on the bedroom floor that need put away can wait another day. I managed to keep the kitchen clean though. Those toilets are definitely waiting until tomorrow or possibly the next day. Haha!

25 April 2011

welcome welcome

Hey everyone, I am Karen. That handsome man next to me is my wonderful husband, Brandon, and the little dude with that sly little smirk is my super adorable 1 year old son, Skyler. =) I have been married to Brandon for five years this coming August, but we have been together since 2002. So that will make it around 9 years. We've been through a lot together, and have lived, learned and loved more than most our age. We live on a small Air Force base located in the middle of nowhere, Texas. =) He's a fuel systems mechanic for the B1 Bomber. He's been enlisted for a little over three years now and we are loving this life. My son is absolutely the best kid ever. He's always been super easy to take care of and listens pretty well. He is obsessed with Spongebob and Mickey Mouse. He loves to throw his toys all over the house and play with his rubber animals, his most favorite is squeaking his Sophie and bending her long rubber neck in all directions. Last but not least, about me... I am almost done with my certificate in clinical medical assisting, though it has taken me longer than it should with being pregnant with Skyler, and then now taking care of him and not wanting to leave him in day care. I love anything crafty, and have recently started scrapbooking and documenting practically every second of little booger's (you will soon learn that Skyler's name is pretty much Booger) life, so this blog should be fun for me! I love taking photographs. Black and white is by far my favorite. I like to workout, though it's hard for me to motivate myself to actually get up. haha. But mostly, I just love having this wonderful family and being the best mom and wife I can be. Not saying I am perfect, because I am far from it. Many days I am grouchy, moody, blunt, snappy and tend to get an attitude. LOL! But I am just me. =) Hope you enjoy this blog. As I get used to how everything on here works, I will try to have themes to my posts so that it becomes something great and fun-filled!