14 June 2011

too hot tuesday...

UGH! It got up to 106 today, and has been above 100 for weeks now. The next weeks are looking the same. I took two showers today. I can't stand feeling hot and icky. Brandon had a softball game today, which was torture. Even Skyler was glad to get in the AC after it was over. Today we had to deal with the bank releasing our insurance check to get my suv out of the shop. Annoying. I hate dealing with important stuff like that. After driving back and forth across town two times, we finally were able to go pay the dude and pick it up. I must say, they did an excellent job. They even washed it, including sweep the interior, wipe dashboard, doors, etc off, and to top it off they shined my rims.  That made me happy. I was just thinking about how much it sucks to clean my rims earlier, too. Tomorrow, I have to figure out some Tricare stuff, for a medical bill they need to pay...if I can ever resolve that issue, I think we will be back to normal responsibilities for a while.  Ever since he has been home from deployment (since jan), things have been coming up one after another. Super annoying. 

Brandon's Chantix side affects have been pretty minimal. No nightmares. He had one dream where he was on a killing rampage, but he said he has had dreams like that before Chantix.  He gets nauseated for about 20 minutes or so after taking it.  He seems to be sane. lol

Nothing else new to report. Good night.

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