25 June 2011

Friday is for flashing back =)

Tia, I got this blog inspiration from your blog. Hope you don't mind.  I don't know if I will do it every Friday, but hey, I'm bored and can't sleep. Both of the boys are conked out, so I figured what the hecks. =)

First photograph that I found is of my Mom. I don't know much about it, other than she is really super pretty. =) I think this may have been before I was born, because she is on the beach. She lived in Florida while my Dad was stationed there and that was before my time. That's my conclusion, and I'm positive that I'm correct. HAHA. She is still beautiful by the way.

The next photograph is of me when I was a wee litto one. Probably two years old or less.  I think it looks a lot like Skyler if he were a girl. lol.  I love this one. I can't really remember this time since I was so young, but Mom has tons of home videos of me playing or what have you at this house. This was in Washington State while my Dad was still in the Air Force.  I was born a dork, that's for sure.  *And who knew big sunglasses would be cool again!? *

The last photograph is of me in junior high school.  Like mentioned above...definition of a dork. =) My favorite memories are from junior high. No doubt about it.  Still a kid, yet thought I knew it all.  Best friends.  Fun times. 

until next time, xoxo

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  1. Man! What middle schooler didn't think they knew it all?! LMAO!