09 June 2011

Let's play catch-up...

So, I have totally neglected this blog. I doubt it's that big of a deal, considering I have no followers. What's up with that? Anyway, it appears the last post I made was on Mother's Day, and here it is almost Father's Day. Uh Oh! Skyler has been growing like a wildflower. He's learning a TON. Still funny as ever. His new words are Oww, Hot, and uh oh. That's all I can think of right now, but he may have said more. He has learned to walk backwards now. haha. He got a hair cut. More like a buzz. We were planning on giving him a fauxhawk, just trimming stuff up leaving the top longer.. My lovely husband decided not to put a guard on and before I could ask what he was doing he had already buzzed a nice line of hair off the top of his head. GREAT! I wanted to cry. He looks so silly. Still cute though. It's slowly starting to grow out soon, and hopefully in another week the funny looks from strangers in public will stop. He fell and busted his mouth and ripped his frenulum (not sure if I spelled that correctly or not). That happened a couple days before his well baby exam so I had them check it out. They said it looks fine and probably won't even need anything done to it, but to have it looked at by a dentist. BAD MOMMY. We haven't added him to our dental plan yet. Guess we'll be doing that pronto. Then I guess it'll be time for Skyler's first dental appointment. He still only has four teeth. Crazy little dude. It looks like another one is coming in next to his top left tooth. 

It's been really super hot around here. Above 100 for days...I've lost track...more like weeks. I'm missing family. Dad had a heart attack. He is fine now. Had to have three stents put in. Just whtat I needed to hear after Mom nearly died from one back in November. My little brother is going to graduate with his Bachelors in Criminal Justice and working on finishing up his internship at the moment with the police department. I'm so proud of him. Wish I would have done something amazing after high school. But oh well.

Partially because of the heart attacks of both of my parents, and mom literally having to be shocked back to life and airlifted and on a breathing tube and over a week in the hospital with a punctured lung from chest compressions...I am going to quit smoking. Brandon is on day three of Chantix. I am slightly hesitant to start mine...I have always had some crazy, wild, intense, surreal and vivid dreams, and trouble falling asleep and that is the most common side effect. I mean, I guess in the long run it is better to suffer through some nightmares, rather than die from heart failure.. Or Cancer. If I can't quit cold turkey, I will keep this updated as often as I can with side effects, strange behavior or what have you. I've heard a lot of funny, scary, and odd stories about Chantix users. I'm having fun watching Brandon though already. He has been sleep talking, and making out with the air in his sleep. Also, he has had gas so bad I want to burry my head and suffocate myself. Hopefully that side effect would not come to torture me...Poor Skyler. :)

Anyhoo...That's about it. Except...As long as everything falls into place and goes as it has been planned...All three of us will be coming to Indiana for a few weeks to visit this summer. Probably mid August. Not sure if we will fly or drive. Since the tornado hit Joplin we will probably fly if funds are sufficiant. We love to stop in Joplin and stay at the same hotel every time right off exit 8B. So sad. We usually go to dinner and whatnot. But anyway.. We'll get to see family again, and they will get to see Skyler and how big he is now. And lastly but certainly not least...We'll get to meet our newest niece. Don't know her name yet. She is due next month. Sorry it's been awhile. I will try to stay on top of this from now on.

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