22 June 2011

Words for Wednesday...

Mr. Jolly with his Lolli =)
Skyler, my son, I love every part of being your Mommy!  You never fail at making me smile. When I feel like giving up and giving in to self pity, I just look at your crazy butt and laugh.  You are full of so much spunk and energy.  I can't wait to see your personality really start to form.  I catch myself wondering what kind of music you will like. If you will take after Mom with rock, or Dad with hip hop and rap. You sure do show major signs of going on Dad's side.  Bobbing your head in the car to Bizzy Bone cracking the both of us up.  Child, you are so amazing, and smart, and perfect to me.

Your poor hair is finally starting to grow back, child!  Next time I promise to keep Daddy away from the trimmers. HAHA!  We had a pretty good day for Father's Day.  It was mainly pretty lazy.  

How I adore you. That is all.

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