04 May 2011

...just us

Mr. Boogerbutt ate his first poptart for breakfast this morning. I think he liked it, but he only ate about half of it. He was pretty excited about the sprinkles on top though. Haven't been up to much. I did end up finding motivation Monday afternoon and cleaned the entire house top to bottom. Unfortunately with a husband and a toddler, it's not perfect anymore. Back at it tomorrow. HAHA. Skyler is talking so much now! It seems like every day he has a new word. His new favorite is "belly button", and he lifts his shirt up and sticks his belly way out and squishes in his belly button. Cutest thing ever. Brandon's been busy at work, and finishing up his last two classes for his Associates Degree. Skyler's little girlfriend, Makenna is turning ONE in like a week, so I have been hunting online for cute birthday present ideas. I can't wait for her party. Skyler and Makenna are so funny together. Got crafty the other morning and made these...

I went out today and found some cute brown ribbon to string them all together. (It's a Happy 1st Birthday banner if you haven't figured it out.) You can't really tell since the picture is kind of bright, but the green has tiny yellow polka dots and the pink and purple square and circles have designs as well. It's my first time making something like this. I think it'll be even cuter when it's all strung together.

We went to Skyler's favorite park tonight after dinner. He really loves it. Especially the swing!

Look at those two front teeth! He now officially has 4 teeth. Two top and two bottom. No signs of anymore any time soon. He's been a late bloomer in the teeth department. He's cute though, so it's all good. Haha.

Well, I think that about concludes this posting. Not much to talk about, and don't want to bore you too much. Lol!

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