30 August 2011

Sprinkler Splashing

Today was pretty chill. I went for a morning walk and attempted a jog. I didn't jog as far as I had hoped. It has been too long since I have been in shape! Getting back at it for sure, though! Going to start going to the gym next week and until then I'm going to try to get back in shapenas much as possible outside on the walking path. Gotta look pretty in my dress in a couple weeks. :)

This evening I sat out back and watched Skyler play in the sprinkler in the nude. Haha! He had a blast. He was so excited. Here are a few pictures from tonight:

Finished the evening with macaroni and cheese, bath and bed for Booger! It has been an overall good day! Hope the same for all of you, and if it hasn't been splendid or anything close, tomorrow is a new day! Goodnight!


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